The "Trail Amadeus" presented by NÜRNBERGER Bergschutz means participating at the Porsche Salzburg Festungstrail on Saturday as well as at the Salomon Gaisbergtrail on Sunday. For the Trail Amadeus, the times of both competitions will be added together. Patricipants of the Trail Amadeus won't be rated for the single competitions (Fortress- and/or the Gaisbergtrail, single/total ranking).

The top 20 athletes, who finish the Festungstrail within max. 15 minutes behind the respective winning time, will compete at Gaisbergtrail in the form of a pursuit race, starting with the female and male winner of the Festungstrail, followed by all other athletes (sequentially staggered according to their finish times).

15 minutes later, there will be a mass start for all other runners (women and man beyond the top 20).

The winners (male and female) of the "Trail Amadeus" receive the following prize money:

  1. Place: 250 Euro
  2. Place: 200 Euro
  3. Place: 150 Euro
  4. Place: 100 Euro
  5. Place:   50 Euro

In addition, there is an extra bonus of 250 Euro for the course record at the "Trail Amadeus"!