NÜRNBERGER Mountain Insurance

With the NÜRNBERGER 24-Bergschutz insurance you get the opportunity to protect yourself against unexpected costs. Accidents in the field carry a risk that should not be underestimated. Salvage from rough terrain, the use of a rescue helicopter and a necessary transport of sick are rarely associated with significant costs. By concluding the "NÜRNBERGER Bergschutzversicherung" you confirm the knowledge and the storage or the printing of the general conditions of insurance as well as the receipt of the declaration of membership. Before concluding the contract, I had the opportunity to take note of all the aforementioned information and agree with them. You can also find further details on mountain protection insurance directly under:

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Trailrunning Startnummernband

Race number belt

€ 15,--

With the new and convenient race number belt in the Salzburg Trailrunning Festival design, you'll never have to ruin your shirt with pins again!

Salzburger Trailrunning Festival Sonnenschutz


€ 20,--

Get your solar protection in the style of our event! With its hook and loop fastener, the sunvisor can be adapted to any size.


Salzburger Trailrunning Festival Drybag


€ 20,--

Convenient, light-weight and waterproof: A must-have for all trail runners! With it's huge capacity, the drybag is perfect to store wet clothes or shoes after your run.

Trailrunning Startnummernband


€ 15,--

A great towel in classic Salzburg Trailrunning Festival design!

Salzburger Trailrunning Festival Sonnenschutz


€ 29,--

Nice sunglasses in noble matte black design. Optimal for your next venture in the fresh air!


All articles of Salzburg Trailrunning Festival can only be ordered during the registration process (while supplies last). Prices include VAT and delivery costs.