Aid stations (on the courses and at the finish area): Best supply for our participants!

On Saturday, we are offering two aid stations for both races on the course - and one in the finish area:

  • Festungstrail: Museum der Moderne (KM 4/11), Kapitelplatz (KM 7,8/14,8) and in the finish area (at the fortress "Festung Hohensalzburg")
  • Panoramatrail: Museum der Moderne (KM 4) and in the finish area at Kapitelplatz (KM 7,8)

On Sunday, there will be several aid stations for both races on the course - and one in the finish area:

  • Gaisbergtrail: ZIB (KM 3,7), Gersbergalm (KM 7,8), Gaisbergspitze (KM 13,1), Campingplatz Aigen (KM 18,1) and in the finish area at Kapitelplatz
  • Gaisbergrace: ZIB (KM 3,7), Gersbergalm (KM 7,8) and in the finish area (at Gaisbergspitze, KM 13,1) 

Please note: At the aid stations on Sunday there will be fruits, but no energy bars/gels. As a result, you need to carry them with you, as every participant has his own preferences and, therefore, will favour those products.

At the aid station in the finish area on Kapitelplatz, we will offer a very special service to you: The atmosphere as well as the meals and drinks will definitely amaze you! After finishing, you can relax in our very cool chill-out area under the sunshades, refill your energy storage with the bread from Essl (a famous and traditional bakery from Salzburg) and enjoy some chocolate candies (the typical "Mozartkugel"), Red Bull energy drinks and cola, cakes, fruits and other specialities.

Benefit from great discounts!

Melasan is our beverage partner at this year's Salzburg Trailrunning Festival!

If you want to train and compete a lot more efficiently and focused (in order to avoid accidents/injuries) and reduce stress? Then Melasan offers the perfect products for you.

MELASAN is an Austrian manufacturer of high quality and natural supplements. MELASAN® SPORT was developed especially for the needs of physical activity, the products guarantee maximum naturalness and purity and ensure optimal absorption and compatibility in the body.

For all participants of the various G-Sport events, we now offer a special discount of 10% on all Melasan products! On all orders placed until 30.11.2018 in the online shop, you will get a discount of 10%.

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